Up and coming events in Little Buds

We are getting so excited as its not long until our school trip.  We will be going to visit a farm.  The children can pet and feed the animals and then have a play about in the park and have a lovely picnic.

We will also be holding our end of year party.  Children will receive their certificates and we will be celebrating by having a party and eating cake!



We had a great time at Halloween in Little Buds and had great fun dressing up for the occasion.  We do love a good party!



Christmas party: We had such a lovely party in the schools big hall.  Family came to listen to us sing our Christmas songs and then we had a special visitor who brought us lovely surprises.

Sponsored Wedding day: The school along with Little Buds held a sponsored wedding day.  This was so everyone could join in with the excitement of our big fundraiser, The Big Fake Wedding.  We got to join the school in a sponsored Rock the Boat.