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Spell your way to victory.


Revision Bitesize

Test your english skills with these revision resources.


The Magic Key

Learn with your favourite characters online.



Typing Exercise

Improve your typing skills by completing each level


Starship English

Go on an adventure in the galaxy while learning.


Digger and the Gang

Play various games using your literacy skills.



Math Arcade

Find our way round the arcade with our maths knowledge.



Maths Magician

Are you a maths magician? Find out now.


Maths Mysteries


Fraction Flags

Create the worlds countries flags using fractions.


Soccer Subtraction

Get your sum right and score a goal for your nation!


Maths Revision Bitesize

Use your maths knowledge to construct a waterslide.


Animal See-Saw

Make sure you weigh your animals correctly!


Crazy Clock

Test your memory ability to tell the time correctly.


A Step Back In Time

Join Josie and Gleep in A step back in time.


Children of War 2

Let Vera show you the challenges of living in War Time Britain.


The Romans

Learn all about the Roman Empire.


The Tudors - Joust

Become a brave knight in a tudor joust.


Iron Age Celts

Dig deep into Celtic life.


The Anglo-Saxons

Make your own Anglo-Saxon manuscripts, riddles and runes



                         Famous People

                                        What did Christopher Columbus, Florence Nightingale, Pocahontas and George Stephenson do to be remembered?


Bitesize game








Billy Bug

Direct Billy the Bug to his next meal.


Dictionary Game

Decode the clue to find the correct label for the box.



Direct your way around town in as little moves as possible.



Who wants to be a Mathionaire?

Can you calculate your way to the 1 million prize?


Pole Climber

The faster you answer, the faster you climb.



Sound Bingo

Listen up and get ready for todays Sound Bingo.