Little Buds are taking names for our waiting list.  You can contact us by phoning or filling in the contact us form on the website.

Holidays for the year


Wednesday 28th October

Thursday 29th October

Friday 30th October


Tuesday 22nd December

Wednesday 23rd December

Thursday 24th December

Friday 25th December

Monday 28th December

Tuesday 29th December

Wednesday 30th December

Thursday 31st December

Friday 1st January


Monday 15th February

Tuesday 16th February

Wednesday 17th February

Thursday 18th February

Friday 19th February

St Patricks Day

Wednesday 17th March


Friday 2nd April

Monday 5th April

Tuesday 6th April

Wednesday 7th April

Thursday 8th April

Friday 9th April

May Day

Monday 3rd May

Tuesday 4th May

Wednesday 5th May

Thursday 6th May

Friday 7th May

Summer Bank Holiday

Monday 31st May

Summer Holidays

Not set yet.



 All holidays are inclusive.  Days could be subject to change.  Parents will be reminded of holidays with a text and in their newsletter.