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Mount St Catherines Primary School, Windmill Hill, Armagh

First Day in Term 2 for P3

5th Jan 2022

P3 enjoyed first day back after Christmas! Oh the chatty bubble of excitement of seeing their little friends again. But we soon settled to work- very excited to realise we were in a new month when recording the date! And I was so delighted that lots of P3 knew the new year was 2022. 

We learn to spell January , splitting it into the girl’s name Jan, the boys name Ary (lol!) .. like Ary Potter laughs Daniel 😃… and there’s a ‘u’ in the middle! EASY PEASY!

Jan- u-Ary….

We chatted to a friend picked from the lolly stick pot and told them our holiday news- we had to listen and remember theirs and then  share our own exciting news. Then we recorded our Christmas as snapshots or photos. 

We had a fun circle time with Teddy, and we got to look in the Smile File to see what made us all smile. In PE time we listened so well and earned Pom poms for the Playground jar !! Yippee😃

In the afternoon we revised even and odd numbers … found their pattern on a 100 square and sorted a set of random numbers into odd and even sets. Ask your child to tell you WHY an odd number is called an odd number . 

We heard that the Three Kings are calling to visit Jesus in the stable tomorrow!!! (6th January) This special day has a big long name: The Epiphany . In some European countries this is the day to give gifts to loved ones . What a busy day …. I think they’ll sleep tonight! 😴😴😴