Our Staff


Mr Kevin O'Neill

 Vice Principal

Mrs A McLaughlin (Primary 3)


Mrs R Brogan (Primary 1)

Mrs M Jordan/ Mrs M Coleman (Primary 2)

Mrs C McGivern (maternity) Mrs U McFadden (Primary 4)

Mrs B McNicholl (Primary 5)

Mr S Hughes (Primary 6)

Mrs J McCaul (Primary 6)

Miss N Rafferty (Primary 7)

Mrs C McKenna

Mr E McGuigan

Classroom Assistants

Ms Maureen Murtagh (Primary 1)

Mrs Lisa Basketfield (Primary 1)

Miss Rebecca Morris (Primary 1,2,3)

Mrs Fiona Cassidy (Primary 2)

Miss Julie Kennedy (Primary 2)

Mrs Leona Treanor (Primary 2)

Mrs Sammy Cruickshank (Primary 3)

Mrs Monika Breidak (Primary 4)

Mrs Jenny Heron (Primary 5)

Mrs Carmel Kelly (Primary 5)

Ms Jenny Murray (Primary 5)

Ms Avril Patton (Primary 5)

Ms Roisin Smyth (Primary 5)

Mrs Deborah Callaghan (Primary 6)

Mrs Sharon Fields (Primary 7)

Mrs Cathy Mc Ardle (Newcomer and Bilingual Children Provision)

Mrs Val (Newcomer and Bilingual Children Provision)

Ms Maura McCleary (Reading Partnership)


Mrs J Trainor

 Caretaking Staff

Mrs K O'Hara

Ms J Mc Crory

Ms McKeown

 Supervisory Assistants

Mrs Huchinson, Mrs Connolly, Mrs V Macaitiene

Little Buds Playgroup

Miss M McCleary

Miss L Burns

Mrs Iwona Onyszcza

After school staff

Mrs J Murray

Mrs A Paton

Ms R Smyth